SpooksNights Paranormal Events

About SpooksNights and Wight Paranormal Experiences

SpooksNights and SpooksWight are paranormal event teams, and investigation groups.

We are now one of the most talked about event teams, featuring in magazines and on the radio.
And also the Most Talked about team to land on the Isle Of Wight
We formed as a registered Business in 2004
The Original People who formed us were
Lorraine Ash & Jamie (Jay) Corns.
Jamie left shortly after and now does very well within the paranormal world in his own right.
There are no grudges and we wish Jay well in all he does.


Our mission is to take you out and give you a little proof that there is much more after this lifetime. That things can be seen, heard and felt in many places you may least expect them to.


We take out groups of normal people to one of our venues, some of which are exclusive to SpooksNights. When we arrive we can if you wish lend you some tools of the trade so that you can do your own tests. We allow you to join in with all of our séances, from glass deviation to spirit boards and much more.
We do open events where anyone is welcome.
We also do corperate events and Birthday parties.
Any occasion, Just ask.
For who we are in the team please see team in the menu on the left hand side.
For who we are in real life and to show you we come from many walks of life see below.
We really are normal folk with normal jobs and families.


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